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For all your Polished Wood, Concrete and MicroCement Flooring requirements.

Why Consider Us?

Don’t take our word, look at what our clients say:

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TopFloor (smw) Ltd. specializes in the Installation, Restoration and Maintenance of Floor Surfaces. Our main service are the management of flooring surfaces.

Concrete floors are an incredible investment in a surface that’s meant to last for years. Most modern buildings are built on concrete slabs, which over time, are subject to staining, cracking and damage. When it’s time to protect the investment you’ve made, we offer you a variety of ways to do so.

We provide attractive solutions such as Microcement flooring, however if you have a concrete slab that is suitable for diamond polishing we can arrange this service for you, although we do not carry out the service we work with a highly recommended contractor.

From Diamond Polished Concrete to applying a thin MicroCement floor coating, TopFloor offers alternatives for protecting your investment and maintaining the beauty of your floors. We understand the benefits of Polished Concrete floors and coatings such as MicroCement – the many advantages that it offers our customers; and we stand ready to walk you through our process and show you what set TopFloor apart from the competition.

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TopFloor Services

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Welcome to Top Floor (smw) Ltd.

Established in 2000, the company has many years of experience in the Flooring business with clients throughout the UK and in Europe.

With state of the art technology and fully qualified staff, knowlegable in various floor care regimes, the company delivers a range of tailored Flooring solution. Serving both the Commercial and Residential sectors. Our aim is and always will be:

To provide a quality service, with minimal fuss and complete customer satisfaction.

Green Considerations

Concrete flexibility,over the years, has and is our most widely used construction material and is essential for the construction of our housing, schools, hospitals,transport networks, water and energy infrastructure. However, new techniques in Diamond Grinding / Polishing and new products such as MicroCement offers new opportunities for designers and architects to influence the environmental, economic and social credentials of their projects (both New Build and in Restoration projects), including performance credentials such as fire, durability, acoustics and adaptability.  Concrete is a fundamental part of our sustainable built environment.

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Coloris MicroCement Distributor for the East Midlands

The firm is delighted to offer a range of Coloris MicroCement products, featuring a complete and coherent collection of coverings and services devoted to high-end decoration.

Offering a wide range of inspiration to master all kind of textures, effects and sensitive colors in any classic or modern architectural context, the products are particularly suitable for both Commercial and Residential projects.

Read More about the Coloris Range

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Whether you’re contemplating a new project or you simply want to rejuvenate or enhance an existing Floor.

Top Floor (smw): The Flooring Specialists for all your InstallationRestoration and Maintenance of all MicroCementPolished CementTerrazzoWood and Marble Floors throughout the UK.




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