The Stages, from Selection to Finish

the stages

The experience begins from your first contact with Top floor (smw) Ltd.

Deciding what type of floor covering to use is a major investment and a big decision that needs to be right. We will do our utmost to help you achieve you this.

For many years, Concrete and MicroCement have been greatly overlooked as a finished floor system. Topfloor (smw) Ltd. protects your flooring investment by offering Concrete Polishing and MicroCement coatings. Versatile flooring solutions that improve everything from the value to the cost-effectiveness of your flooring, plus it is “Green” Friendly. Bare concrete flooring simply does not offer the durability or enhanced appearance that Our concrete floors provide.

Good quality concrete can be diamond polished and stained with the addition of designs to achieve a durable appealing finish.

Even if the concrete is poor all is not lost, providing it is structurally sound we can apply a MicroCement (polymer modified cementitious coating), which produces a variegated concrete like appearance which can also be stained and designs added to produce a bespoke finish.

Once we have made our first contact, we will make an appointment to survey the floor in question, this initial meeting would involve a thorough inspection of the floor to establish it’s suitability for the finish required, also colour samples to give you food for thought, Upon deciding the finish the process will be explained including an estimate of time schedules and cost.

Set out below are the procedures required.

Roses Stencil used on MicroCement Concrete Floor

Concrete polishing.

Once the floor has been assessed the grades of diamond required to start the process will be attached to a rotary grinding machine, the process would be either dry or wet grinding depending on the severity of the grinding required. From experience and inspection of the surface once each particular grade has ‘done it’s job’ a finer grade will be attached to the grinder to remove scratches left from the previous grade. Once we start to achieve a polished finish to the surface the client will asked to view the floor to see whether they are happy with the effect or whether they would prefer a higher gloss finish. Once the finish is agreed the floor would be rinsed and allowed to dry. If stains or designs are required these would be added at this stage, the floor would again be rinsed and allowed to dry and a sealer applied either in gloss or matt to protect the surface.

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MicroCement, aka Micro Toppings:

As the name suggests the product is very thin, however, is extremely durable and can be used internally and externally, please be aware that no two floors will be exactly the same, because MicroCements are “trowel applied” it would be impossible to achieve, this is what appeals to many clients, a completely bespoke floor that is appealing and durable with minimal maintenance is fast becoming the choice for many people.

Because we may be dealing with a poor surface to start with we may need to carry out additional work to the floor to achieve the required results:

We would test the floor for moisture content, if there is a high reading a surface DPM would be applied to eliminate moisture preventing a bond of the MicroCement. If the surface is uneven an application of a levelling compound would be applied to achieve a smooth workable surface or ‘a blank canvas’.

Once the above has been completed we can start to apply the MicroCement, this would be in three trowel applied coats these being, one base coat and two finish coats allowing for drying between coats, once all coats are complete dry (dependant on temperature, moisture etc) the surface would be lightly abraded to smooth the surface. If stains / designs are required these would be added at this stage of the process.

Once all of the above are completed the floor would be vacuumed and ‘tagged’ to removed any fine dust, and an application of a minimum of two coats of seal, there would be a choice of, high gloss or matt finishes.

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Our Aim

You choose MicroCement floors because you want to protect your flooring and make it look great and function at the highest level. You choose Concrete Polishing because you want high shine, natural beauty, and increased durability without installing a coating. No matter which solution you choose, Topfloor (smw) Ltd. is here to help.

We are aiming for a quality finish with client satisfaction as paramount, the choices of colour and design are limitless. We stock various colours but there can be variation on each, this would be explained at our first meeting with the aid of colour samples and photographs.

If you are not sure of anything, please ask, we are here to ensure you are happy with your floor and your dream has been realised.

For questions on Maintenance please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page

Whether you’re contemplating a new project or you simply want to rejuvenate or enhance an existing Floor.

Top Floor (smw): The Flooring Specialists for all your InstallationRestoration and Maintenance of all MicroCementPolished CementTerrazzoWood and Marble Floors throughout the UK.


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