Wood Floor Sanding & Sealing

The Beauty of Wood Flooring

Sanding & Sealing of Wood Floors

TopFloor (smw) Ltd have alway offered the restoration and maintenance of wood/timber floors as a service, for both Commercial –including Bowling alleys, night clubs, village halls -and Residential properties. However, we primarily offer this service in the East Midlands and surrounding regions.

Our Timber Flooring Services

  • Hardwood and Softwood floor Sanding
  • Hardwood and Softwood floor Sealing and/or Staining
  • Wood floor repairs, including filling gaps
  • Parquet floor sanding, restoration, polishing and repairs


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The TopFloor Process for Treating Wood Floors

From the first enquiry we would never carry out any work without firstly surveying the floor, this would be to assess the type of timber, any repairs that would be required, whether any nails would need ‘punching‘ below the surface to prevent damage to sanding belts, also to introduce TopFloor (smw) Ltd to the client and discuss any queries or worries.

  • As with most flooring, Wood is not a cheap product and needs protecting and maintaining.
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  • Many people choose Wood Flooring because, it is aesthetically appealing, ease of cleaning, ideal for allergy sufferers because it harbours fewer germs (if cleaned correctly and regularly).
  • If Wood is maintained correctly it will give you years of service, however it will need to be sanded and sealed correctly in the first place to have any chance of achieving it’s expected lifetime.

Some Companies may work slightly differently to us but this is the system we have relied on over the years and has been successful for us:

  • We would also discuss types of “Seal” available for example, gloss, satin, matt, oil, wax, or even coloured.
  • Once a price, schedule of works, types of seal have been decided, we will arrange the dates with you and ‘get the ball rolling’.
Wood floor Sanding Top Floor Pro

Sanding of Wood Floors

The room would need to be emptied before we arrive to start the work. We would ‘punch’ any nails below the surface and any repairs carried out at this point.

Firstly, the floor would be sanded using starting with a large belt sander. Dependent on the condition of the floor the coarsest grade required will be used to start the process of smoothing the Wood Floor.

This process, tempered by experience, is repeated as we move onto the next grade of sanding sheet grades, until we have achieve a smooth finish. During this process the edges will also be sanded using a smaller edging tool, and even hand sanding in very tight corners if required.

  • All machines are fitted with vacuum units so there is no need to be concerned about your property being covered in dust.
  • The final sanding with the large belt sander is usually either an 80 or 100 grade, this provides a smooth floor surface for the final sand with a large rotary sander to produce an extra smooth finish this is usually using 100 / 120 / or 150 grade.

Now that the sanding is finished:

  •  All machinery will be removed from the area to prevent any dust particles transferring to the floor.
  • The floor is then vacumed to remove any very fine dust and ‘tagged‘ this is a process to remove any stubborn pieces of dust left behind from the sanding process. Leaving the floor dust free.

Sealing of Wood Floor

The final process is to apply the chosen protective coating, depending on the product chosen, this will be applied by an applicator pad working with the grain and always with a ‘wet edge’ working towards the door. Additional coats will be applied as required.

Once all of the above processes are complete and the client is happy with the finish, we will leave you with a basic maintenance sheet and leave you to enjoy you beautiful timber floor.

Whether you’re contemplating a new project or you simply want to rejuvenate or enhance an existing Floor.

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