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Microcement, is a thin layer of concrete topping that is designed to take stain, and to give the floor a look that is like it is a new floor. It hides flaws in the slab.

As the name suggests the product is very thin, however, is extremely durable and can be used internally and externally, please be aware that no two floors will be exactly the same, because MicroCements are trowel applied it would be impossible to achieve, this is what appeals to many clients, a completely bespoke floor that is appealing and durable with minimal maintenance is fast becoming the choice for many people.

Rosace MicroCement Flooring with design

What is MicroCement

MicroCement is a liquid, polymer-modified, high strength cementations overlay designed to restore and resurface existing concrete. It can be used on cured concrete to create a cosmetic, durable surface that can be coloured or stained. When properly installed it permanently bonds to the concrete surface and becomes perfect for high traffic areas.

It is inspired by Tadelakt, an Arabic word that means tight and burnished earth or plaster and refers to the use of the technique/material, employed in North Africa, although its origin and circulation are situated in the Roman Empire.

Note: mortars or hydraulic linings are those that set when they come into contact with water and atmospheric linings are those that set when in contact with air.

  • MicroCement is suitable for installation of fully bonded, thin-sectioned layers of up to 1/16″ each.
  • MicroCement  can be used for interior or exterior restoration including: hotels, casinos, restaurants, food service areas in malls and retail shops, as well as residential applications.

Top Floor Pro’s MicroCement Approach

Because we may be dealing with a poor surface to start with we may need to carry out additional work to the floor to achieve the required results:

We would test the floor for moisture content, if there is a high reading a surface DPM would be applied to eliminate moisture preventing a bond of the MicroCement. If the surface is uneven an application of a levelling compound would be applied to achieve a smooth workable surface or ‘a blank canvas’.

Once the above has been completed we can start to apply the Micro Cement, this would be in three trowel applied coats these being, one base coat and two finish coats allowing for drying between coats, once all coats are complete dry (dependant on temperature, moisture etc) the surface would be lightly abraded to smooth the surface. If stains / designs are required these would be added at this stage of the process.

Once all of the above are completed the floor would be vacuumed and ‘tagged’ to removed any fine dust, and an application of a minimum of two coats of seal, there would be a choice of, high gloss or matt finishes.

Addition of Stains can be dramatic

Bright colours can be used or for a more conservative appearance, earth tones are still appealing.

If one colour is required this is possible, however, please be aware that as we are trying to achieve a natural appearance, there will still be variations in tones of any particular colour.

Where the benefits of a MicroCement system are not required, we can refurbish and enhance good quality floors to give a pleasing natural look, through diamond polishing, staining and resealing.



For MicroCement Products Technical Data Sheets, please visit the Resource Section

Here we assembled a selection of the most popular MicroCement Colours, however please contact us if you would like a variation or different colour.

Coloris MicroCement Distributor for the East Midlands

The firm is delighted to offer a range of Coloris MicroCement products, featuring a complete and coherent collection of coverings and services devoted to high-end decoration.

Offering a wide range of inspiration to master all kind of textures, effects and sensitive colors in any classic or modern architectural context, the products are particularly suitable for both Commercial and Residential projects.

Read More about the Coloris Range
A range of Coloris Microcement Flooring Colours offered by TopFloor


Whether you’re contemplating a new project or you simply want to rejuvenate or enhance an existing Floor.

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