Overview of TopFloor Flooring Services

Overview of TopFloor Flooring Services

Top Floor (smw) carry out a range of Flooring Services:

  • Application of MicroCement / Polished Cement Finishes
  • Diamond polishing of Marble, Terrazzo and Concrete
  • Maintenance and repairs of Terrazzo and Concrete flooring
  • Floor preparation
  • Minor floor repair
  • Sanding and sealing of timber floors
  • Stripping and resealing of Vinyl & Linoleum


A site survey would be required in all situations. ongoing maintenance sheets and recommended products to use will be issued on completion also a satisfaction sheet would need to be signed by the client.

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MicroCement (aka MicroToppings),

Once any preparation is complete the Micro Cement will be applied by trowel with one base coat and two finish coats, each with a drying period between coats, when final coat is dry the surface will be lightly abraded with an 80 grit disc. If designs are required these would be added before the abrading stage. Once complete the floor will be sealed with a minimum of two coats of either a water based or solvent based seal in levels of gloss to be decided by client. This is an extremely hard wearing bespoke finish and we can guarantee that your floor will be completely unique, providing the concrete is structurally sound without gaping cracks Micro Cements are an ideal way to cover existing concrete that is not suitable for diamond polishing.

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Diamond Polishing Concrete, Marble & Terrazzo Floors.

Works would commence using the system required using a combination of metal bonded and resin bonded diamond grinding / polishing discs.The deeper gloss finish required would depend upon the final grade of diamond used, if you decide on a high polished finish minimal maintenance is a vast benefit, diamond polishing closes the pores in the surface and removes imperfections and leaves an aesthetically pleasing floor finish that will last for years to come.

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polished Cement
Wood floor Sanding Top Floor Pro

Sanding & Sealing of Timber & Wood Flooring.

Firstly the floor would be sanded using a drum sander usually starting with a 40grit sanding sheet, this would depend on the condition of the timber, less aggressive grades would be used down to a 100 grit, once these stages are complete the floor area would be sanded using a rotary sanding machine with a fine sanding screen attached to achieve a smooth finish, the area would then be ‘tagged’ to remove any fine dust left behind from the sanding process, once completed seal would be applied to a minimum of three coats with the level of gloss decided by the client.

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Stripping & Resealing of Vinyl & Linoleum Flooring

The product would firstly be stripped of existing seals and polishes using a coarse scrubbing pad on a rotary scrubbing machine and a diluted solution of floor strip, once all polish has been removed and the slurry remove using a wet pick vacuum the floor would be rinsed to leave a PH neutral surface to the floor, once dry polish would be applied with a minimum of three coats with a level of gloss decided by the client.

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Linoleum or Vinyl floor

Whether you’re contemplating a new project or you simply want to rejuvenate or enhance an existing Floor.

Top Floor (smw): The Flooring Specialists for all your InstallationRestoration and Maintenance of all MicroCementPolished CementTerrazzoWood and Marble Floors throughout the UK.


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